Anonymous asked:
i hope you get through your struggles tonight. i hope you find comfort for what ever ails you. have a good night, dear:)

Thank you for your kind words, sweet anon. I took a bath, made coffee, read a little, and even did some yoga which helped slightly. Sometimes I just can’t seem to shake it no matter how many comforting things I try. It was nice to receive such a warm and caring message.   

I might be struggling again tonight. 

make me sommme

I would too, and you know it! Maybe when I finally get around to mailing you that cookie butter. 

I was having a serious muffin craving when I realized that I still had blueberries in the freezer. 


How To Master Overnight Oats & Chia Bowls

"I love grab-n-go breakfasts. But I also love a cozy, nutrition-filled grain bowl in the morning. Overnight Oats has all the convenience you need on a busy morning, plus all that homestyle, "real meal" goodness you crave.

How is this amazingness done? Well, all the magic happens while you are fast asleep in bed. Overnight Oats + Chia Bowls (made however you like them!) awaiting you at sunrise.

Here is one of my fave energizing “mocha bowl” recipes and a few how-to tips to get you started!.”

Recipe here.

Via Lunch Box Bunch

I just keep smiling to myself every time I remember my aunt in NY.

My best friend had a chocolate vegan cake made for our reception. I had frosted and decorated it myself just moments before everyone arrived. Well, I made the mistake of announcing that it was vegan. After it was cut, a bunch of little old ladies had gathered around to gawk at it without taking a slice. My Aunt was loudly grumbling “It’s cake. Chocolate cake. JUST cake. Take a slice and have some chocolate cake. It tastes exactly like regular chocolate cake” in the background between bites. 

None of those little old ladies tried it, but oh well. I got to take some back to my Dad’s and have it for breakfast the next day.